You STOP You: How to Overcome Fear


how to overcome fear


Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss….the infamous carnival ride, The Pirate.  It was the first thing I can remember that actually sparked fear in me!  I thought I would fall out, it would break off from the swinging thing at the top, etc…..My head was full of all the possibilities about how my life could end if I got on this ride.

Something inside of me clicked! My brain said get on the ride!  I hadn’t consider the positive outcomes.  What happens if I get on and have fun?  Guess what?  Life is just like The Pirate.

How to Overcome Fear

We’re all scared of something.  Anyone who says they have no fear of anything is a lie.  Fear is a human emotion.  We think something bad will happen if do an action.  We have fear.  That new job could be too much to handle.  A relationship with him may lead to heartbreak.  If you cut your hair, it may not grow back…..all typical fears that we have.

Whether the fear lies in your professional or personal life, you can overcome it.  Good news for all of us is that it’s not permanent.  There are some tips on how to overcome fear!

Follow these tips on How to Overcome Fear

how to overcome fear


1.  How to Overcome Fear: First Tip ~ Know & understand what can go wrong

Without proper research, it’s easy to get scared of the unknown.  So, you must know and understand what can go wrong.  When it comes to relationships, many times, we don’t take enough time to get to know our partner.  If we start investing that time, we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with, up against, and what could possibly go wrong!

2. How to Overcome Fear: Second Tip ~ Minimize Risks

If you know what can go wrong, you can minimize your risks.  Let’s look at a car for example.  Having a car requires maintenance.  Doing proper maintenance will lessen the chance of the car breaking down.  Keeping the oil changed, rotating tires, getting regular tune ups…these will allow your car to get more miles.

3. How to Overcome Fear: Third Tip ~ Lead with your competitive advantage

The thing that’s great about You is You.  There’s something that you do better than most.  When it comes to me, one of my many strengths are social media.  So, I leveraged that to become a freelance social media manager.  Take some time to figure out what your strengths are.  Ask some people you’ve worked with or spent a lot of time with.  They’ll be able to shed some light on what you do best!

4. How to Overcome Fear: Fourth Tip ~ Network & build partnerships

One thing I’ve learned about losing weight is that it’s easier when you do it together with someone.  You can have a workout partner, someone to hold you accountable for your diet choices.  So, whatever fear you’re facing, network with others who can become a your partner.  They’ll provide motivation & support to help overcome your fear easier!

5. How to Overcome Fear: Fifth Tip ~ Have courage & give it your all

This one happens to be my favorite.  Here’s a personal story.  Months ago, I was evicted and had to move in with family.  I was super broke!  One of my friends introduced me to residual income & blogging with Empower Network.  I had to pay to start.  I got scared.  I figured the worst that could happen is losing $25.  Well, I took a risk & invested the money!  After a month or so, I made enough to catch up on bills and start saving for a car!  With whatever fear you have, face it with courage and do all you can to overcome it!

 You have all the answers on how to overcome fear.

Look in that mirror, smile, get rid of your fear! Have you ever faced something that scared you?  How did you overcome your fear?  Leave a comment below!

Be Blessed,

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Buy It Now: Dog Supplies for My Dog


So, I haven’t done the marriage thing yet, nor do I have any children.  There are some things I want to accomplish first before I start a family.  Anyway, the next best thing to children are pets, specifically dogs.  I’ve been a dog lover since I was a little girl.  They are adorable.  They listen well, comfort you when you’re feeling bad…I mean AWESOME!  Here’s one that I’m in love with!

dog supplies for my dog


His name is Hot Dog, and he’s the coolest dog.  He’s getting bigger and smarter everyday!  He’s my baby, and I want the best for him.  Well, we’re at the stage where I’m trying to walk him when he’s not sleeping.

dog supplies for my dog


He sleeps quite a bit.  I do too.  So, I won’t judge…lol.  Well, we’re now at the stage where I have to buy dog supplies for my dog!  The first is a collar & leash.

Dog Supplies For My Dog

Collars are a necessity, in my opinion.  It’s a great way for identification.  No one’s perfect and things happen.  So, if your little gets lost, he or she can be found with that collar.  Dogs don’t have id cards like humans.  In addition, collars are great for training!  A collar is an awesome investment.  Hot Dog is getting adjusted, slowly but surely…lol.

The next on the list of dog supplies for my dog is the leash!

Necessary Leash ~ Dog Supplies For My Dog

dog supplies for my dog


This is my beautiful niece.  Hot Dog is her best friend, and they typically fall asleep like this.  It’s the funniest thing….they are spread out over each other.  You’d think they had a job…lol.  Anyway, dogs definitely need to be on leashes, even if they’re well-behaved.

1.  Life Happens

This is so true.  The same is the case for dogs.  A leash can minimize dangers and mistakes for your little one.  Dogs can definitely do unpredictable things.  The leash gives you control and teaches discipline to your dog.

2.  Remove the Hazards  

I wouldn’t know what to do if Hot Dog got hit by a car, bit a child, or endured some other hazardous act.  It would really break my heart.  So, leashes can keep my curious pet from going in the street or being in harm’s way.

 I know where to get quality dog supplies for my dog and yours!

dog supplies for my dog


I’m always working on my computer.  I love creating.  What can I say?  Hot Dog loves to sleep while I’m doing so…

Fido Fashion is where I go to get dog supplies for my dog.

Who doesn’t love an easy to use anything?  Fido Fashion is a perfect source to get started with your dog essentials!  The collar & leash keep my nails beautiful and adds NO stress!  It’s got the neat little thing called the MagneClip.

How many tips has your finger tip turned red from clipping on a leash?  Fido Fashion definitely rid me of that issue.  Also, talk about fashionable….I chose the blue because it stands out & has much personality.  The collar isn’t too tight around Hot Dog’s neck.  It takes no time to get him ready for a nice walk!  Plus, my mom suffers from carpal tunnel.  Getting Hot Dog ready for the outside doesn’t hurt my mom at all.  We’re happy customers over here!

My list of dog supplies for my dog wouldn’t be complete without Fido Fashion.  Be sure to click on the little dog on your right and make your purchase ASAP.  Your baby will love you for it!


The books must be straight.  Have the online ads been paid for and set up?  I’ve got to get the newsletter done.  That networking event is tonight…The kids need help with their homework….My spouse needs some attention…etc.  These are all on the to do list of the entrepreneur, for the most part.

There are only 24 hours in a day, but your small business should be blogging!

Small Business Blogging Success

It can be stressful and be emotionally challenging, running a business.  My goal is to ease your stress and fears.  You deserve to make money in your business….so, let’s get started.

A blog is a type of internet realty where value is shared, on any topic.  Small Business Blogging Success can be reached, no matter the niche.  If you take a few minutes to do some brain storming, write down some topics related to your business or industry.  When you’re done, you’ve got some content ideas!

small business blogging success


Now, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the heck a blog is anyway.  Blogging is that process of maintaining, updating, and creating value for your blog.  In order for this to work for your baby, small business, you’ve got to embrace the skills of writing, seo, social media, and very minimal website design.

I know you’re like “UGH…..Overload!”  But it’s so worth it.  Small Business Blogging Success has its benefits:

  1. “Companies that post upwards of 20 times or more per month see five times as much traffic, as opposed to those who blog less than five times a month or less. “
  2.  Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog.
  3. Those B2C businesses that utilize blogs 16 to 20 times per month receive upwards of 4 times as many leads as those B2C businesses that don’t take advantage of the blogging platform.

Now, there are so many more benefits, but these stand out for you and me as small business owners.  We have websites that need traffic….small business blogging success!  We need more customers, and customers can start off as leads…..small business blogging success!  We need as many leads as we can stand….small business blogging success!

small business blogging success


How to Have Small Business Blogging Success

You want in!  You want to say, “I have Small Business Blogging Success!”  Here’s how to do it:

  • Commit to a schedule.  Plan ahead.  Decide what to write about & win.  You know how much time you have.  Set a realistic goal, and tweak it as you go along.  This will prevent the overwhelming feeling of small business blogging!
  • You remember the lack of time you have?  Of course you do!  So, utilize your network.  People love guest blogging.  Reach your small business blogging success by allowing some great content creators to post on your blog!
  • Keep a notebook around you to jot down ideas!  You can go back to it when you need content, which is often.  I mean, great consistent content yields small business blogging success!
  • Hold yourself accountable!  Blogging is apart of your job & small business blogging success is a necessity!  It doesn’t have to be the most eloquently designed, but it has to be done!  (Take some notes from Seth Godin!)

small business blogging success


You’ve now got the secrets to small business blogging success.

I’m so excited for you.  You’re about to make more money, which is always a good thing!  Do you have a blog set up?  Do you need someone to help lead you on that small business blogging success path?  Since you answered yes, I’ll take care of you!  Invest $25 with me & join Empower Network.  The system has the 88th site in the US, 366th in the world.  Not only will it make you more money in your small business, you’ll also create another income stream of residual money!

Trust me…Click the picture below to get started!

small business blogging success



luxury extensions today

When I think of rich people, I think of Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates, Jay Z, and others.  Paul Mitchell surprised me when I learned he rakes in more than $900 million a year!  Americans buy a lot of hair products!

luxury extensions today

Especially now, we wear lots of human hair weave and extensions.  My message:

Don’t just wear weave!  Wear luxury hair extensions today!

Buying Luxury Extensions Today

Weaves can you anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars.  It’s a $10 billion dollar industry.  Surprisingly, in 2009, African Americans spent over $500 in hair care.  I wear luxury extensions today, and my friends do too!  The most difficult problem we face is where to buy the quality, the luxury extensions that are sure to last!

luxury extensions today

It really is like finding a needle in a haystack.  There are so many brands that claim to last, be good quality, and give you the look you want!  There’s bundle deals everywhere.  Stylists are selling hair, you can get it at the beauty supply, you can almost get hair from anywhere!

I know when most people think of “luxury extensions” today, they think of high priced hair that’s purchased from the most popular global brand at the highest price possible!  NOT me!  When I think of luxury extensions today, I think of Glamtress Hair Extensions.

Glamtress Hair Extensions=Luxury Extensions Today

A luxury brand always begins with a fabulous CEO.  Tequila Fletcher has massive knowledge about hair as a celebrity stylist & salon owner!  She can make a woman go from drab to glam with her glamorous sew ins.  There’s no surprise that she provides luxury extensions today with her Glamtress Hair Extensions!

luxury extensions today

Customers Speak…Luxury Extensions Today

If it’s luxurious, your customers will tell you!  Glamtress Extensions customers do just that.  Authentic customer testimonials are the diamond of a brand!  It’s nothing better when these are real customers and not paid liers!  They boast about the texture!

The virgin curly Brazilian hair is awesome. The texture of the hair weave is soft.

I simply love this hair because of its soft tangle free texture verses hair store varieties.

Luxury extensions can be reused an applied more than once!

This is my second intstallment of the same hair and it still looks brand new.

There’s no need for anymore research for luxury extensions today!  I found the solution!

luxury extensions today

Beyonce wears the most stylist hair trends and embodies luxury!  It’s wonderful that Glamtress Hair Extensions gives the same look!  Did I mention this brand is NOT overly expensive?  When I first discovered this hair, I knew it would about $300 to $400 a bundle!  Not so!  These bundles start at $70!  That’s right….just $70!  In addition, these luxury extensions today come with holiday specials, discounts, & much more!

<<Click here to shop for yours now!>>

 Here’s some goodness from the world of Glamtress Hair Extensions!

luxury extensions today

luxury extensions today

Not only does Tequila bring us quality, luxury extensions today, she also brings a suite of how to videos.  Check them out on youtube!

Follow on twitter @GlamtressHair

Like on Facebook at Glamtress Hair Extensions!

Let’s have a recap on luxury extensions today.

1.  Glamtress Hair Extensions are soft!  Customers have confirmed these as luxury extensions today. 2.  Glamtress Hair Extensions can be applied more than once.  Luxury extensions today can be too! 3.  Luxury extensions today don’t have to cost thousands per bundle!  Glamtress Hair Extensions start at $70!

Thanks for letting me show you where to buy your luxury extensions today!  Leave a comment below after you’ve bought your bundles!







To some, SEO only belongs to big brands like Coca Cola, Vogue, and the like.  With this thinking, it’s no wonder why your business only has a few sales, little web traffic, and strapped finances.  Then, you feel awful, like a failure, & want to quit!  STOP THAT!

Small Business SEO

small business seo


The above pretty much described my feelings about SEO in 2012.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  So, I don’t want y’all to experience those same feelings.  So, what is SEO?  In a nutshell, it’s a way to get website traffic from search engines using specific words and phrases.

Why you should use Small Business SEO

small business seo

So what your business is small!  That doesn’t mean you can’t use SEO!  Small business SEO is essential for your success for many reasons, but here are a few!

1.  If you want your website to be found, you’ll implement effective Small business SEO.

We’ll get into the how later, but great SEO will get you ranked in the search engines.  Ranking is very important.  When you do a search, how many times do you go to page 2 for a result?  Rarely!  Utilizing SEO tools will help you come up in organic searches & gain needed website traffic.

2.  Let’s face it!  The best businesses start on a minimal budget, which is perfect for great Small business SEO!

Advertising can get expensive.  A great SEO strategy cuts down on the advertising budget tremendously.  If your audience can find you, advertising dollars can be used for something else.  I’m not saying you don’t need to advertise, but you won’t have to spend as much!

3.  Imagine having customers all over the world!  That’s the power of Small Business SEO!

It’s quite difficult to build franchises of your small business all over the world.  Finding land, constructing the building, hiring employees for each location, etc…..This would create a MASSIVE amount of expenses.  Put together an awesome Small Business SEO strategy, and you’ve suddenly got customers in Germany, Australia, England & You never left your city!

small business seo

Now, that you know more about Small Business SEO and how it helps your bottom line, let’s see how you can put it into action!  The first answer to your how goes to link building.  This is how you create a link to your website on another website.  There are several ways to do this, but the best way is to build relationships.  Research your industry and build strategic relationships with thought leaders!  Click here for some more link building strategies!

It’s critical that you create and update content on a regular basis for the best results in your Small Business SEO. Constant quality links will help google to place your site as an authority in your industry!

When adding images, using keywords in the title and alt tags will optimize your site and blog post.  More eyes can potentially mean more customers and more revenue.  The more interesting your images, the longer your audience will stay on your site!

The last tip I’m offering, as I’m no SEO specialist, is pay attention to the style of your text.  In Small Business SEO, bolding and italicizing the right keywords will ensure your audience can easily find your content.  When they find the value, they’ll definitely share!

small business seo

Start with these basic SEO strategies, and you’ll get to enjoy the profits of your Small Business sooner than you think!   Maybe you’re in the beginning stages of creating an online presence for your business!  A blog is a great way to start that process and make some money!  I’ve experienced much success with Empower Network blog, and I love teaching others to do the same!  Click the picture below to get started with your blog and learn more advance SEO techniques to grow your small business!




Leave a comment and tell me how you’ve been successful with Small Business SEO!





PS: Social Media is another great tool to aid in website traffic and great SEO.  If you’re needing help, you’re one click away from an experience Social Media Strategist!

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